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EHang Expands Plans for eVTOL Sightseeing Flights in China

Chinese tourism group Tianxingjian plans to use EHang’s EH216 autonomous eVTOL aircraft for sightseeing tours. On June 21, the company said it has signed an “initial purchase order” for five of the two-seat vehicles, with options to take another 25 as it expands flights from the Aizhai Wonder Tourist Area at Jishou in Hunan province, where Tianxingjian is based.

Jishou, where both Tianxingjian and Guangzhou-based EHang have partnership agreements with the city government, is the latest location identified as having potential for eVTOL sightseeing rides. EHang already has a similar partnership with the Greenland Hong Kong real estate group for its Forest Lake complex and also with the LN Garden Hotel in Guangzhou.

“With our respective advantages combined, we will work together to set up vertiports at scenic spots including the Aizhai bridge and the Jiulongxi canyon,” said Min Sun, Tianxingjian’s chairperson. “And to gradually roll out trial operations for aerial sightseeing.”

Some tourists were able to experience EHang’s demo flights of the sightseeing program during the Workers’ Day holiday in early May in the natural landscape of the Aizhai Wonder.

“EHang has been doing trial operations for aerial sightseeing since last year,” said Xin Fang, chief operating officer of EHang. “We believe with our business expansion, EH216 AAVs will fly in more scenic spots around the world, bringing tourists safe and comfortable aerial sightseeing experiences.”

EHang has previously made sightseeing partnerships with companies such as the Japanese helicopter flight booking platform AirX, which agreed to purchase 50 EH216 units in January to integrate into its Japan-based sightseeing network.

Meanwhile, in Europe this week, EHang exhibited an EH216 model at the World Air Traffic Management Congress in Madrid. This followed an appearance by the aircraft in May at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Geneva. The company also recently announced a partnership with emergency medical transportation group Safir-Med to develop flight operations in Dutch cities including Antwerp, Aachen, Heerlen, and Maastricht.